On November 24th 2013 a team of three from Pureworks Foundation departed for the city of Ormoc in the Philippines to provide medical supplies and relief for the largest Typhoon ever recorded. Upon arriving in Ormoc City, Pureworks teamed up with Isra-Aid a relief organization from Israel, as well as a German team and local Philippino doctors and nurses. The team spent much of the time staffing local health clinics, supplementing an already ailing health system that had been devastated by a disaster. Many of the local healthcare workers in the city clinics had been affected themselves and were unable to work. Those able to work in the clinics were ill-equipped without so much as basic tools for a proper exam. Many of the clinics had been damaged or destroyed and were no longer useable. Bringing medicine and supplies, Pureworks helped care for over 1000 people effected by this disaster.


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