MDF® MD One® シュガースカル聴診器 - 限定版 - ホワイト


1971年からハンドクラフト | ライフタイム保証 | 無償パーツライフタイムプログラム





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商品番号: MDF777SK

Best-selling MD One

With over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon, the MD One is well-loved around the world for its ability to provide clear and accurate auscultations. Its 100% stainless steel construction, super-sensitive diaphragm, extra-thick and longer than average latex-free tubing, adjustable headset, and silicone sized ComfortSeal eartips (with three sizes for the perfect fit), all contribute to make it the dependable and high-performing stethoscope it is known to be.

Sugar Skull Print Stethoscope Overview

Sugar Skull Print

Get struck right in the corazón by this Dia de Los Muertos inspired design. Charming pink and blue sugar skulls adorn the tubing of the Sugar Skull MD One Stethoscope with hearts for eyes and playful floral details. A vibrant way to bring you to work and to turn any rotation into un celebracion.

Calavera Print Stethoscope Attachments

Skull Print Stethoscope

What Others Say

"There was a girl in my CNA class , she was having a hard time hearing the pules when she was doing her BP skills with the schools stethoscopes. So loaned her My MDF MD one. She told me that she could hear the pulse and was going to the book store to buy one for clinics.... I can also hear my moms heart murmur with my MDF MD one, clear as day. I have faith the stethoscope will get me throw Nursing school and beyond."

- Shared the Love of MDF
11B SNA, Colorado Springs, CO

Engraving Available

This Calavera classic has your name on it! Customize your stethoscope with your name or short message to make it uniquely yours.

Custom Skull Print Stethoscope


Lost an eartip? Not a problem! As with all MDF Instruments stethoscopes, the Sugar Skull MD One® Stethoscope is covered by our Free-Parts-for-Life program. Get replacement diaphragms, ID tags, retaining rings, eartips, and non-chill rings whenever you need! Just register, make your request online, and we will ship your spare parts to you for 100% free (in U.S. and Canada)!

Free Replacement Parts for Skull Fiber Print Stethoscope



主な用途 一般診斷, 基本評估
保証 生涯保証&生涯無料パーツ